Vielight 633 Red (Systemic)

$399.00 CAD

The Vielight 633 Red releases non-coherent cold light with a wavelength of 633nm in the visible red spectrum, powered by a managed dosage of energy controlled by circuitry. The 633nm wavelength is ideal for blood irradiation, due to its length in the electromagnetic spectrum.


The nasal cavity is rich with blood capillaries, there are more capillaries per cm2 than most organs of the body. Five arteries connect to the nasal cavity, while the Little’s area is a frequent site of nasal bleeding. Given the rich supply of blood and the thin, permeable membrane within the nasal cavity, this area is well-suited for blood irradiation.

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Your Friends and Family May Benefit From The Vielight COVID-19 Clinical Trial

We appreciate you as a client or a friend of Vielight, and hope that like many, you have had good experience with our products.
Consistent with the innovative culture of Vielight, we have not sat idly while the novel coronavirus ravaged the world. Backed by the requisite scientific bases, we believe that our Vielight RX Plus device could accelerate recovery from a coronavirus infection, including COVID-19.
After much preparation, we have started a new clinical trial to validate our device for this indication and for regulatory approval. We are now reaching out to you to help us to reach potential participants for our trial. We are looking for individuals who have been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, and who are residents of the USA or the province of Ontario, Canada. They may be among those close to you.

The enrollment for this trial has begun, and we already have first participants and enquiries. We are seeking 280 participants for this study. Half of them will be randomized to the standard of care group, and the other half will be using the device. The device is designed for home use, and participants randomized to use the device will be self-treating at home with the Vielight RX Plus. This device is simple and easy to use. Maximum safety measures will be in place, so there will be no physical human contact in the trial. Each participant will be guided and monitored remotely by qualified investigators, overseen by board certified physicians. All selected trial participants will be offered monetary compensation.

We hope that you and your network of friends can help us to complete this important clinical trial, which offers a potential non-drug solution to help those who are infected with COVID-19.

The only action we ask of you is to forward this email with the information about the trial and recruitment to your contacts. We also would appreciate it, if you could ask your contacts to do the same. This simple action can help those fighting COVID-19 infection.

Information about this clinical trial is available at

Potential subjects should call 1-800-517-8010 or email for trial participation enquiries. For more information about the trial recruitment please visit

Thank you for your kind attention to this, and we wish you the best of health.

Lew Lim, PhD, DNM, MBA
Founder and CEO, Vielight Inc.


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