Teeter Core Restore Cushion

$33.95 CAD

  • Versatile Inflatable Cushion
  • Lumbar and Posture Support, Active Sitting and Balance Tool
  • Exercise Guide Included


  • Lumbar Support – Avoid the workday or commuter slouch by placing against your lower back while seated for added support.
  • Balance Trainer – The unstable surface works by encouraging micro-movements as you balance when performing static or active exercises.
  • Active Sitting Cushion – Use as a seat cushion to activate and engage the postural muscles by destabilizing the sitting surface.
  • Correct Posture – When using as a lumbar support, the unique wedge shape supports the natural curve of the spine and holds it in proper alignment while seated for relief you can feel.
  • Strengthen Core – As an active sitting cushion, the wedge-shape discourages slouching by tilting the pelvis forward and places the spine in a neutral position, engaging stabilizer muscles and strengthening your core in the process.
  • Improve Coordination – The included exercise guide features 14 beginning through advanced exercises developed by a personal trainer that engage your core and whole body for increased balance and strength.
  • Durable Materials – PVC rubber can withstand up to 300 lb. (136 kg). Arrives pre-inflated.
  • Textured Surface – Raised ridges provide a massaging effect, stimulate circulation, and increase traction while performing exercises for stability.
  • Compact Size – Portable enough to take to work, the gym, or even in your carry-on for core work on-the-go.


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