PolarAid® Disc

$115.00 CAD

The revolutionary, easy to use, portable, hand-held body tool that can be used anywhere, at any time.

  • Exceptionally convenient and lightweight (0.64 oz / 18 g).
  • Dr. Tomic’s Instruction Booklet (includes a personal Usage Tracking Guide) is included with each PolarAid purchase.


  • No electrodes or wires. No charging. No Batteries. No radiation or magnets.
  • No electricity. No Apps or smart phones. No need to wear all day.
  • No maintenance. Lasts forever with common sense care.
  • Exceptionally convenient and lightweight (0.6 oz / 18 g).

PolarAid is based on the long-established science of scalar frequencies.

PolarAid is based on the long-established science of scalar frequencies. PolarAid is unique. It is NOT like bio resonance charm bracelets, jewelry, pendants, magnetics or electrical devices. Scalar frequency science was first demonstrated by James Clerk Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, and Dr. Georges Lakhovsky. They advanced the concept that subtle frequencies affect all living things and the human body at the subatomic level in a powerful, positive way.

Dr. Dino Tomic has based PolarAid, on this long-held bio resonance, frequency science. His proprietary designed, concentric copper-based alloy ring antenna is perfect for today’s proactive, health conscious consumer.

“The existing base of knowledge in bioresonance medicine gives us a good understanding of the energy frequencies on which human body functions. PolarAid is an antenna that receives a wide range of frequencies drawn from the vital energy that surrounds us at all times. PolarAid polarizes, harmonizes, regulates, transforms, and amplifies these energy frequencies enabling our bodies to open blocked energy channels and utilize the frequencies our body has been missing. This encourages the body to revive and regenerate.” ~ Dr. Dino Tomic

Our bodies only register the frequencies to which we are atuned. If this were not the case, our brains would receive hundreds of TV and radio signals and hundreds of programs would be playing at one time! Our wireless bluetooth, iphones and bluetooth headphones do NOT respond to the millions of frequencies that pass by them but only ‘read’ the ones it recognizes and to which they are encoded. In the same way, PolarAid reads and boosts naturally-occurring frequencies and our cells take in only what is needed.” ~ Dr. Dino Tomic

Which side of the PolarAid ‘antenna’ do I place on my body or when placed in a room? Does it need to be placed directly on the skin to be effective?

Both sides of PolarAid are reversible. Although most people prefer to apply the side of the disc with the rings touching their body, both sides of the disc are equally effective. You can apply the disc directly on the skin, or over clothing and even on top of synthetic fibers. Scalar frequencies know no bounds: They are a natural part of our environment. PolarAid re-directs and amplifies natural-occurring scalar frequencies so the body’s cells can more easily absorb them and use them to encourage wellness.

Where do I place PolarAid? Do I need to treat only the energy centers (chakras) or can I also use it on  other areas?

To assure that PolarAid redirects energy frequencies throughout the body, we suggest placing PolarAid on well documented energy centers (also called chakras). In this way, you can direct a wide -frequency spectrum of energy to the entire body, in a thorough method. This avoids short-changing any one area and maximizes the results.

Can I use PolarAid on pets and animals?

Yes! Vital, naturally-occurring energy supports all life on earth: vegetal, animal or human. Actually, so many users report using PolarAid on pets and animals with great success.

It is not unusual for a pet to naturally find PolarAid on its own: You may find him/her laying on your PolarAid! Do not worry, they are simply naturally drawn to the vital energy and energy medicine they need to recharge.


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