Amazing Grace by David Wolfe & Nick Good

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Amazing Grace is not fiction nor non-fiction, neither fact nor fantasy. Amazing Grace is an experience you create as you discover your true destiny here upon our Earth – the best planet ever. Open this book and discover how to invite more fun, synchronicity and magic into your experience by living life as a real character in the greatest love story that’s ever been told. Amazing Grace is a handbook that details how to “quit your job” and become a superhero.

WARNING: This book contains top-secret information

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Out of the confusion and chaos of a world in utter transformation, world-famous nutritionist and chocolatier David Wolfe, JD. and Success Ultra Now founder Nick Good have teamed up to break all the rules and deliver a whole new paradigm of possibility guaranteed to touch your heart and leave you inspired in the depths of your soul.

About The Author(s): David Wolfe conducts 70 to 80 health lectures and seminars each year worldwide, as well as hosting health, healing, and beauty retreats. The president of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, he lives in San Diego. Nick Good, PhD, is the founder of Success Ultra Now, a personal coaching company. He lives in England.


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