Room Harmonizer

$265.00 CAD

The Room Harmonizer is shielding a single room such as a studio apartment, a student’s dorm or a small office from environmental energies (Geopathic Stress and EMFs). It is a great tool for travels, to shield a hotel room, a hospital room, and even can be used in RVs. It should ideally be combined with a Clearing Harmonizer (typically the Space Clearing Harmonizer) for getting rid of negative energetic residue and emotional discharge from people having used or stayed in the same room earlier.


  • Neutralize Underground water (>70%)
  • Neutralize Disturbing Earth fault lines
  • Neutralize Harmful Earth grid systems (Benker grid, Hartmann grid etc.)
  • Balance typical Feng Shui problems caused by

– irregular shaped rooms
– sharp corners
– ceiling-beams etc.

  • Increase the Chi of your room
  • Strengthen the Aura of your studio
  • Block 400m ghost lines
  • Assist with counteracting EMF (electromagnetic) imbalances
  • Hold space against close neighbours


The Portable Space Harmonizer is used horizontally on a surface, a shelf or can be set flat in a drawer as long as it is not covered.

Size: about 3 x 3 inches

Differently to the larger Geopathic Stress Harmonizers the portable Room Harmonizer is placed horizontally on a surface, high on a shelf (out of sight) or can be even set flat inside a drawer as long as it is not covered.

The Room Harmonizer shields against Geopathic drains and balances stress caused by electro-smog. It also increases the positive Chi in a room and helps to stabilize difficult Feng Shui situations.


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