Alicja Left-Turned Spiral Brass Pendulum

$34.95 CAD

Left-Turned Spiral pendulum took its name from the counter-clockwise spiral creating a left-turned vortex, which creates a suction to clear and absorb unwanted energies. It is also able to amplify any type of energy it comes in contact with.


  • Due to specific spiritual qualities of number seven (the number of rotation in the spiral) this pendulum is very precise.
  • Left-Turned Spiral pendulum is often used by astrologers to determine the exact date of birth of their clients.
  • It can be also used by therapists to locate blockages of energy in the body. Good for reading at a distance from any type of witness.
  • Left-Turned Spiral pendulum is great for dowsers of any level of dowsing skill.
  • Made of brass.
  • Must be cleared.


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