Empower Yourself With Hands-On Experience

Triangle Healing Products is known to carry top quality alternative health products at the best price. In order to make your experience with us even better, we also offer sessions & treatments to try before you buy. Including:

⇒ Relax in our private treatment room on our Amethyst Biomat or iMRS mat.

⇒ Sweat your troubles away in the Radiant Health Infrared Sauna.

⇒ Experience the The #1 Aesthetician reccomended Multi-Solution Skin Care Device NuFace Trinity Pro Facial Toning Device.

⇒ Go zero gravity while getting a fully body massage in our Human Touch Massage Chairs.

⇒ Experience the best fitness equipment on the planet; Featuring the Bellicon Rebounder, the Sonic Life Whole Body Vibration Device, and more!

⇒ Give your muscles what they deserve with a Theragun Percussive massage treatment!

Having the opportunity to try a product erases any concerns that you might have by giving you the opportunity to learn and ask questions before you make a purchase; leaving you with the knowledge to feel empowered.

No appointment required. Click the buttons below to learn more about each product.