The Circulator Foot Reflexology Massage Mat

$49.95 CAD

The “Circulator” foot massage mat consists of many small, upward-pointing rubber cones arranged in a grid pattern. Walking on the foot massage mat produces pressure where the cones contact the feet. The cones are shaped to produce fairly strong pressure, so it is recommended that socks be worn, especially when first using the mat. Marching on the mat activates the reflex points in a more or less random fashion and also massages the foot muscles. Many people who use the mat find that a simple two-minute exercise is an effective way to use it.


  • The “Circulator” reflexology foot massage mat is made of moulded, high quality synthetic rubber. They are circular, with a diameter of 43 cm (17 inches) and weigh about 0.75 kg (1.65 lb).
  • Except for a 3 x 11 cm label area, the surface is covered with a grid of more than 1600 small cones, points upward. The massage mats lie flat to the floor, with a shallow bulge in the centre for working the instep. Ribs provide extra support under the raised section.
  • The body’s weight provides the pressure at the contact points. The profile of the cones is designed to apply fairly strong pressure to a small area of the foot, and the foot massage is achieved by repeated marching on the mat.
  • The mat is not intended as a complete replacement for a treatment by an experienced reflexologist, but it can be used if a reflexologist is not available, or for maintenance between treatments. The majority of the reflexes are on the bottoms of the feet where the mat can reach them.


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