SpinaliS Spider Luxury Active Sitting Office Chair

$1,990.00 CAD

SpinaliS Spider is a very comfortable chair with a great style, popular among managers and doctors. The chair’s design allows for comfortable seating also for larger body types over 200 lbs in weight. It’s movable seat on a spring copies all body movements, so your core and back muscles are working even while sitting. The seat is softer and its’ shape relieves the pressure from the middle part. The backrest is slightly tilted back, which offers sufficient space for larger body types. Spider’s luxury upholstery is a combination of high-quality Alcantara and microfiber materials which give the chair a very elegant look. The metal parts of the chair are black, upholstery is available in four standard colors: Royal blue, black, red, light brown.

To customize this chair please contact us or visit us in-store.

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  • Comfortable and luxury office chair
  • Designed primarily for larger body types
  • Body type: 5’6” – 6’6” in height & 200 lbs – 330 lbs in weight
  • Typical workplace type: desk job, law office
  • Made in Europe


  • Standard gas lift range: seat 19.7” – 24.0”
  • High gas lift range: 20.7″ – 24.8″
  • Low gas lift range: seat 18.5” – 20.1”
  • User Height: 5’6” – 6’7”
  • Body Type: average, robust
  • Adjusting options: seat height, backrest/armrests height
  • Seat dimensions: width: 20”, depth: 18.1”
  • Max load: 330 lb
  • Chair weight: 40 lb
Frame: Black
Upholstery: Alcantara
Color: Choose From The Menu
Availability: Contact Us
Accessories: Standard gas lift

We are happy to help you pick the best fitting model for your body size and workplace. In case you are not able to try the chair in person, please contact us 1-888-370-1818 and share with us your body height and weight, type of workplace, and the time you spent sitting in a chair daily. Based on this information, we will help you to choose up the right model for you.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-370-1818 or visit us at 770 Spruce Avenue, Victoria B.C. Monday to Saturday 10:00 – 5:30pm

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To customize this chair please contact us 1-888-370-1818 or visit us in-store. 


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