Sound Oasis Sounds for Sleep Expansion Sound Card (SC-250-04)

$26.99 CAD

Your Sound Oasis® SOUNDS FOR SLEEP sound card takes you to soothing and relaxing environments to help you sleep and relax easier.


Sounds Included:

  • Fan – Sleep to the continuous whirling sound of an electric fan without the chilling effect of the real thing.
  • Interior of Airplane – Lay back and snooze to the rhythmic sound of the interior of a propeller plane.
  • Night Train – Picture yourself on a steam engine train as it cuts through the still night lulling you to sleep with its pulsating sounds.
  • Air Conditioner – Doze off to the steady hum of an air conditioner.
  • Country Highway – Break the stillness when it’s too quiet by adding the sporadic sounds of cars passing by on a country highway.
  • Vacuum Cleaner – This “to and fro” sound of a vacuum cleaner is a classic relaxation tool, particularly for calming infants.


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