Sound Oasis BabyOasis™ Sound Machine (S-580)

$67.50 CAD

Sound Oasis advances sound therapy for babies and young children to a new level with BabyOasis™ Sound Machine. This baby sound machine exhibits doctor-developed white noise sounds, authentic sounds of nature and soothing baby music. Providing a superior sleep experience, the BabyOasis™ S-580 is the best white noise machine for babies and young children.


  • 6 Built-in Sounds
  • #1 Rated Sound Quality- the same sounds are used in maternity wards around the world
  • Sleep Enhancement® – optional feature lulls children to sleep with gradually slowing sounds
  • Rotary Volume Control
  • 30,60, or 90 Minute Timer Settings – play sound continuously or select auto shutoff in 30, 60 or 90 minutes. During auto shutoff, the sound volume gradually reduces for a non-jarring off (unlike our competitors that stop the sound suddenly).
  • Headphone Jack
  • AC power (adapter included) or Battery Operation (4 AA batteries not included)
  • FREE sleep help booklet

BabyOasis™ also includes ever popular features such as Sound Oasis’ patented Sleep Enhancement® technology that lulls babies to sleep, extra long sound tracks (no annoying perception of loops as with cheaper competitors), automatic volume reduction (for a gentle, non-jarring off), a 4-position timer and battery or AC power options for unsurpassed quality and convenience.

Sound Oasis has worked with world renowned adult and baby sleep doctors to provide more effective sounds to soothe your baby to sleep. Every S-580 BabyOasis™ Sound Machine includes a FREE sleep help booklet.


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