QuWave ‘QuFlexx’ Portable Harmonizer

$549.00 CAD

QuFlexx Harmonizer is your complete answer for neutralizing and protecting against EMF pollution and for improving life!

This powerful model is our most flexible unit yet. Designed for both home and away use. It’s all you need to shield yourself from harmful EMFs and improve your well-being wherever you go!!


  • Small and portable, about the size of a 7″ tablet, 6.75 x 4.75 x 0.9″, about 12oz
  • Designed for both home and portable use with a signal strength of 40-50 feet
  • Light and easy to carry in a bag, purse, backpack, briefcase, or coat pocket
  • Almost as powerful as the Tabletop Harmonizer, yet still portable. About 75 times as powerful as the Personal Model.
  • Powered by internal rechargeable battery or AC power for home use
  • Uses advanced electronics with a computer chip to extend battery life to over three months (recommend charge battery monthly)
  • Low battery indicator and status LEDs to show the unit is on and functioning
  • Includes home stand, car and AC adapter, and sturdy padded zipper travel case

You never have to feel susceptible to negative electromgnetic influence again! QuFlexx Harmominzer represents the best of both worlds – a powerful model you can use for EMF protection at home or while traveling.

QuFlexx lets you manage your own EMF protection. Select from four different protection modes, including a cyclical mode that alternates frequencies. This “hopping” of frequencies gives you the capacity to better protect yourself from the negative effects of EMF.

About eight times more powerful than the Personal Harmonizer, QuFlexx is the perfect model if you’re sensitive to EMF, live near power lines or cell towers, or have a smart meter in your home. Take it with you when you go out – just slip it into your purse, briefcase, laptop bag, or in your coat pocket. At home, place it on the included stand or even put it in a drawer. Whereever you are, you can relax, knowing that QuFlexx is protecting you!

Four different user-selectable modes of operation:

  • Mode 1: Grounding Mode: Generates the same proven frequencies as all other Harmonizer models using Schumann Resonance to ground you.
  • Mode 2: EMF Mode: Generates the standard Harmonizer frequency with additional frequencies that focus on physical protection and relieving pain.
  • Mode 3: Well-being Mode: Generates the standard Harmonizer frequency with additional frequencies that focus on improving overall well-being.
  • Mode 4: Cycle Mode: Cycles through all modes in sequence, alternating frequencies for best overall protection.





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