QuWave Law of Attraction Magnet QWM1

$359.00 CAD

The QuWave Magnet makes all aspects of the Law of Attraction work better and faster. It helps you achieve Success, Happiness, Wealth, and Health.

It does this by generating Scalar Waves combined with Solfeggio Frequencies tuned to stimulate specific Chakra Energy centers of your body. We have discovered the Solfeggio Frequencies which energize your Chakras and the Brain to help you succeed in life.


These Frequencies/Chakras are tuned to stimulate and awaken your brain’s centers for: creativity, self-expression, ideas, intuition, communication, and prosperity. The “Law of Attraction Magnet” generates two Magical Frequencies of:

  • 741Hz, Throat Chakra, Awakening Intuition, Creativity, and Life Force
  • 531Hz, Solfeggio Prosperity Frequency

The principle behind this product is to deliver these Chakra Solfeggio Frequencies directly to your brain by introducing them with Scalar Waves. This way you don’t even have to listen to the sounds since they are subliminal and will affect your system faster and act more powerfully.

Recent studies prove that the Solfeggio Frequencies are part of a process that can assist you in manifesting a life of your dream without stress, illness, and sickness. We have been conditioned since childhood about the mechanisms of physics. We have been taught to believe that matter is all there is. We have believed we are nothing more than the five senses — But there is so much more to the universe. Now is the time to recondition your Mind and Chakras to a new level of positive Energy.

The “Law of Attraction Magnet” generates two Solfeggio Frequencies to Energize your Creativity

741Hz Solfeggio

  • 5th Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • “Awaken Intuition”
  • 741Hz Solfeggio activates this Chakra
  • Stimulates the 5th Chakra – Throat Chakra
  • Express Inner Creativity & Self-Knowledge
  • Clarification, Faith, Truthfulness
  • Intuition, Ambition, Decision Making
  • Superior sense of Timing and Rhythm
  • Assimilate Information automatically

531Hz Solfeggio Frequency

  • “Prosperity”
  • 531 Hidden Solfeggio Frequency
  • Prosperity & Wealth
  • Love
  • Thanks
  • Gratitude
  • Health
  • Healing past failures



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