Pure-Light® LED A-19-D Super-Oxygen® Dimmer Bulbs, 2-Pack

$49.95 CAD

The Pure-Light® Super-Oxygen® light bulbs and surface coating technology… have repeatedly shown the ability to kill 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria that it has been tested against within hours on surfaces and in the air within 8-10 ft of the bulb and a coated surface when exposed to a light source, with the PLT bulbs actually being the light source.


  • Helps Eliminate Odors (pet odors, chemical smells, cooking odors, even skunk odors)
  • Helps Eliminate Mold and Mold Odors (musty mold smell).
  • Helps Eliminate Harmful and Deadly Bacteria and Viruses (including Flu & Cold viruses, MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella and many, many more…see lab studies)
  • Helps Eliminate Smoke, including Cigarette and Cigar Smoke, tobacco odors, burnt food smoke and odors.
  • Helps Eliminate Dangerous and Deadly Chemicals from the air including Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, and Pesticides.
  • Helps Eliminate indoor and outdoor Air Pollution such as Smog and heavy hydrocarbons.
  • Helps plants grow Faster and Healthier. Even helps cut flowers last longer.

How Pure-Light Works

This breakthrough technology utilizes a patented enhanced Titanium Dioxide (TIO2) Nano particle photo-catalytic coating. When turned on this has been proven to clean the air by strongly discouraging the growth of 99.9% of viruses, deadly bacteria and mold. For more information please review Pure-Light lab studies here.

Additionally the technology helps dissolve and breakdown harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, methane, benzine, pesticides, cleaning fumes, paint fumes, formaldehyde, glues, and other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Additionally the technology assists in the removal of a variety of odors, from cigarette smoke, marijuana, skunk, musty odors, pet dander, stinky sock smell, sewerage stink, livestock manure, burnt food, permanent wave solution and other cosmetic product odors to name just a few.

For more a more comprehensive guide to the science behind how Pure-Light bulbs work, please follow this link to the Technology page. https://www.pure-light.com/Light-Technology

Wattage: 9 Watt
Bulb Shape: A19
Dimmable: Yes
Color Temperature: 5000 K
Height: 4.25″/10.8cm
Incandescent Equal: 60 watt
Light Source: LED
Lumens Per Watt: 85
Warranty: 5 Years


Voltage: 120  (US)
Base Type: Medium (E26)
Color: Frosted White
CRI: >80
Diameter: 2.36″/6.0cm
Life Hours: 10,000
Lumens (Initial): 850
UL Listed: Damp Locations

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