Pacific Essences® Balancer® Spray

$23.50 CAD

For consciously welcoming Balance into our lives and in our environment.



  • Resonance: Choosing the Power of NOW
  • Key Challenges: Shock, Trauma, Stress, Overwhelm, Disassociation
  • Key Attractors: Calm, Centre, Grounded, Connected
  • Planes: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual
  • Spray around auric field or directly on pulse points on the wrist or neck.

External Use Only.

The Balancer® essence is a powerful adjunct to any holistic health first aid kit. It can be taken orally or used in the bath at times of stress and mental or emotional overload. It is particularly useful when we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.

The Balancer® essence, oil and spray all have the effect of harmonizing the Body/Mind. Used separately or together they are like stepping under the healing shower of a waterfall and stepping out rejuvenated and refreshed.

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