Pacific Essences® Essences for Animals

$21.88 CAD

Energy Medicine® from Nature for the Animals We Love. Select an essence from the drop-down menu to learn more about it.

30mL each



  • 2 – 3 light sprays on animal’s coat or on their kennel or bed.
  • Spray on hand and apply to animal’s coat.
  • Spray on food or in water bowl.
  • Contain less alcohol and no fragrance.
  • No essential oil or aromatherapy added.

Animals have a rich capacity for emotions. Our animal friends want to feel good and to be happy and content. Grief, loneliness, fear, loss of confidence and dysfunctional behavior can keep our animal friends from enjoying life fully. Chronic emotional and mental imbalances eventually affect their health, vitality and well-being.

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Balancer for Animals, Calming for Animals, Confidence for Animals, Earth for Animals, Endings & Beginnings for Animals, Fire for Animals, Handle with Care for Animals, Harmonious Relationships for Animals, Healing & Health Support for Animals, Healing Heart for Animals, Healing the Past for Animals, Inner Contentment for Animals, Metal for Animals, New Habits for Animals, Return to Happiness for Animals, Travel with Ease for Animals, Water for Animals, Wood for Animals


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