NewCo Serrapeptase 120,000 SU, 90 Delayed Release Veggie Caps

$32.99 CAD

Serrapeptase relieves traumatic swelling, fluid retention, and pain from inflamed tissues, such as post-surgery. This helps improve recovery time by stimulating the immune system.


  • The proteolytic enzyme helps reduce pain and swelling, the quantity of secretion and stuffy nose from ear, nose and/or throat infections
  • Mucolytic enzyme effectively helps break down mucous and facilitate fluid drainage
  • Delayed release capsules enable them to pass through the stomach intact, and therefore be readily absorbed in the small intestine for efficient bioavailability.

Medicinal Ingredients: Serrapeptase (Serratia marcescens E-15 – Whole Cell) [60 mg] 120,000 SU

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Brown rice flour, Microcrystalline cellulose, Magnesium stearate, Hypromellose, Gellan gum.

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90 Delayed Release Veggie Caps


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