Miron Violetglass Wideneck Jar, Assorted Sizes

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As the name suggests, MIRON glass wideneck jars have a “wide opening at the neck”. They are ideal packers for the food and natural medicine industry to store high quality products such as supplements, spices, extracts, honey, super foods, powders, teas, coffee and much more. With each wideneck jar, MIRON offers a corresponding airtight lid.



The wide wideneck jar series has the largest choice of items. They are available in six different sizes going from 100 ml (3 1/3-oz) up to 1L (33 ¾-oz). MIRON proposes a lid that is aligned with the body of the jar. Each jar has a standard neck finish. MIRON also offers to add a cover such as a tamper-evident seal that can be used for dry products only.

Why MIRON glass?

Our wideneck jars are made from the unique patented MIRON glass. This violet glass protects the biophotonic activity of the products stored in this glass from harmful rays of light. By allowing infra-red and UVA-light beams to penetrate through the glass enriching the contents and protecting against damaging visible-light, the shelf-life will dramatically improve. This characteristic is especially useful for high-quality natural products, like herbs, flowers, plants, medicinal products or oils. Our customers invested lots of effort into their products. Our mission is to preserve the essence of their natural products.

The origin of Miron

The appreciation of the special protective qualities of violet glass can be traced back to ancient Egyptian culture. In those times, valuable essences (oils) and natural healing products were kept either in gold or in violet glass vessels. In 1851, Jakob Lorber (Graz, 1800-1864, teacher, musician and mystic) described a method for creating sun healing remedies; sunlight photons absorbed into homeopathic globules. These delicate products had to be created -as well as stored- in dark violet glass dishes. According to Lorber, products stored in violet glass would be solar-enriched, and their energy preserved.

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1 L, 100mL, 300mL, 400mL, 500mL


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