LowBlue Lights Sleep Glasses™ Non-Fitover

Starting From: $88.95 CAD

LowBlueLights’ 100% blue light-blocking Sleep Glasses block all harmful blue light. Studies have proven blue light at night (LAN) is detrimental to quality sleep patterns and harmful to your health. Sleep Glasses worn in the hours before retiring maximizes your organic melatonin production to improve sleep and health. LowBlueLights’ 100% blue-free eyewear also improves screen contrast & clarity, prevents eye strain and eliminates harmful blue light linked to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) making these the perfect choice for your next pair of Computer Glasses.



Aristocrats – Stylish Larger-Lensed Sleep Glasses Non-Fitover–These Female Sleep Glasses offer outstanding comfort because of their contoured fit.  They have a faux tortoise-shell frame with wider arms allowing them to block nearly all peripheral light.

Guardians – Stylish Sports-Framed Sleep Glasses Non-Fitover–These sporty Sleep Glasses have a matte, all-black, lightly rubberized frame supporting a single wraparound lens which eliminates nearly all peripheral light.

Novelists – Stylish Sculptured Lens Sleep Glasses Non-Fitover–These black and ruby-red trimmed Sleep Glasses have lenses shaped to fit closely around the eyes and have flexible nose pieces and temple ends for added comfort.

Winners – Stylish Single Lens Non-Fitover–These Sleep Glasses have a one-piece polycarbonate lens with blue-blocking side panels and black length-adjustable temples.

Children’s Junior Defenders – Children’s Glossy Black Sleep Glasses Non-Fitover–These black glossy framed children’s Sleep Glasses are sized for adolescents.  Their lenses and the frames are contoured to reduce peripheral light.

Children’s Junior Novelists – Black & Ruby-Red Children’s Sleep Glasses Non-Fitover––These children’s Sleep Glasses are a smaller version of our Novelists but are sized for adolescents as young as five or six years of age.  Their lenses and frame are contoured to reduce the incidence of peripheral light.


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Aristocrats, Guardians, Novelists, Winners, Children's Junior Defenders, Children's Junior Novelists


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