Hand-Held Gemstone Facial Massage Roller

Starting From: $20.95 CAD

Use the massage roller to increase circulation of the lymph and blood systems, smooth out rough edges, cellulite areas, old trauma areas and uneven areas on the skin.



  • Cleanse the face and pat dry.
  • Using moderate pressure, begin the treatment by rolling the center of the forehead to the right ear slowly (repeat 6 times), then move to the opposite side and repeat. (Optional: Roll gentle over brow and under eye form inner corner to the outer part of the face.)
  • Working around the face, move to the corner of the eye and roll toward the ears (repeat 6 times on each side.)
  • Continue the treatment by massaging from the corner of the lips to the ear. (repeat 6 times on each side.)
  • Next, move to the chin and roll towards the ears (6 times on each side), and finish by gently rolling stroked from each collar bone to under the chin.


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Jade, Jade with Spikes, Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz Double-Ended


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