Earthing Office Chair Mat Kit

$89.99 CAD

The Earthing Office Chair Mat adheres to your existing plastic carpet protector and can be used to Earth at your desk while at work. It can also be applied to the top of a desk or to many other surfaces at home or work.

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  • 1 Earthing Office Chair Mat
  • 1 15-foot (4.57 m) Earthing cord
  • 1 outlet checker
  • 1 user’s guide
  • 1 Earthing Book
  • 1 Documentary DVD

*Earthing products connect the body to the Earths energy. Earthing guarantees that connection. There is no guarantee as to how an individual may respond to Earthing and Grounding once that connection is made. Earthing products are not a substitute for medical treatment. Individual results of grounding may vary.


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