Eagle Eyes® Cabriolet 14124/14125

$79.95 CAD

Inspired by its rich history in the auto-racing world, these men’s polarized blue light blocking sunglasses are “the champion” sunglass style of the ’60s. With 99.9% protection against harmful UVA and UVB, the Cabriolet men’s sunglass style a true “winner.”



  • Frame Material: Techlon™ Polycarbonate
  • Frame Style: Full
  • Lens Technology: TriLenium® Polarized
  • Activity: General
  • Included Accessories: As shown above
  • Recommended Use: Sun/Outdoors


  • Lens Width: 60mm
  • Lens Height: 46mm
  • Bridge: 16mm
  • Temple: 130mm

Inspired by its rich history in the auto-racing world, this is “the champion” sunglass style of the 50s and 60’s and still popular today, Cabriolet features a lightweight Techlon frame and comfortable unibridge fit. Eagle Eyes® award-winning TriLenium® Lens Technology helps reduce eyestrain and fatigue and provide superb visual clarity, contrast and definition. 99.9% protection against harmful UVA, UVB and blue-light makes this style a true “winner.”

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14124 Black, 14125 Tortoise


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