Aromatherapy Encyclopedia – Carol & David Schiller

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Carol Schiller and David Schiller, recognized experts in the field of aromatherapy, have created the most comprehensive reference guide on the market to date. This book includes information on the proper safety and handling of oils, extraction methods, practical everyday uses, documented properties and methods of use.

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Chapters detail ancient historical to present-day uses from around the world for carrier oils, essential oils, CO2  extracts, absolute oils, and infused oils. The user-friendly format and writing style of this book can be of great value as indispensable learning tool for a novice as well as a vital source of information for researchers, formulates, practitioners, nurses, therapist, industry professionals, wholesalers, and retailers.

The power of essential oils has been recognized for thousands of years. Today, the use of aromatherapy is growing rapidly as greater numbers of people experience the benefits and life-enhancing properties of these precious substances. Aromatic essences can have a direct effect on our health, reduce our stress levels, and enable us to have a better overall outlook on life, as well as improve our relationship with our natural environment. These raw materials are also an important ingredient in perfumes, fragrances, cosmetics, and skin and body care products, and are extensively used for flavouring foods and drinks.

About The Author(s): Carol Schiller and David Schiller are the authors of five internationally published books on the use of essential oils, and co-founders of the International Aromatherapy and Herb Association (IAHA). Carol and David have spent over twenty years studying and researching the benefits of plant oils, and determining their practical uses and applications. They have been instructing classes and training workshops for colleges and other educational organizations since 1989. Jeffrey Schiller is a co-founder and President of IAHA and publisher/editor/photographer of Making Scents magazine.


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