Home Harmonizer

$649.00 CAD

The Home Harmonizer is the trusted tool for buildings and apartments of all sizes up to several floors to neutralize Geopathic Stress, reduce EMFs, and balance numerous Feng Shui challenges.


Its sterling silver core allows extended shielding against Geopathic Stress (above underground waterveins, earth fault lines and in cubic grid systems), harmonizing external electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and stress from microwave antennas and close transformers and serves as a tool to strengthen the biofield/aura of a building.

The Home Harmonizer balances difficult Feng Shui situations such as sharp corners, energy drains due to staircases, bathrooms, beams, slanted ceilings, etc) and supports a site against the influences from close neighbours and neighbour buildings.

  • Standard device for buildings of all sizes up to several floors, also townhouses and apartments
  • The 5th generation of Space Harmonizers and more than 20 years of experience in protection your home
  • Sterling silver core for extended program functions
  • 100% Geopathic Stress protection
  • 100% protection against stress above underground water-veins
  • 100% protection from earth fault lines and grid systems (Hartmann grid, Benker grid, Curry grid, 250 meter and 400 meter systems, Moon stripes)
  • EMF protection from outside (such as antennas and transformers) up to 70% – for best results combine with PRO Pendants and E-Smog Harmonizers
  • Increases the overall Chi of a building and property
  • Holds space and boundaries against close neighbours, especially important in townhouses, multi units and apartments
  • Balances many Feng Shui challenges (missing areas, sharp corners, ceiling beams, steep staircases, slanted ceilings, etc.)
  • Harmonizes split levels and irregular shapes of building and property


The Home Harmonizer is used vertically flat on a wall with a tiny nail (enclosed) about 1 – 1 1/2 ft from the ceiling and should not be covered with a picture or curtain. Do not place it above a shelf or close to a mirror and allow some empty wall space around it.

Although the Harmonizer works in many places throughout a house, finding the optimal position allows maximum performance and effectiveness. If you are familiar with energy testing such as kinesiology or dowsing, test for the most beneficial place in your home. First identify the most beneficial floor level, then the best room on this floor and finally the optimal wall in this room.

We also assist you with locating the ideal spot. Please email us a picture of your floor plan (or a simple sketch of one) and a picture of the outside of the building (street view).


The Home Harmonizer does not pick up negative energies. However, if the silver piece looks tarnished please clean and polished it with the enclosed jewelry wipe or any other silver polish. This will ensure its maximum performance.

“The Home Harmonizer immediately creates a vortex of purity. The peace I experienced at home after putting up the HH was beautiful. And yes, dreams are intense during the re-alignment of the energies at first, feels like an upgrade and clearing within and without. This simple (but vastly advanced) product creates a sanctuary off flow, light and protection…”

Mia Luz, PA – www.drumdoula.com


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