BioElectric Shield Wristband Energy Protection Shield, Level 2, Polished Sterling Silver

$819.00 CAD

This Wristband Shield Allows You To Wear Your Shield On Your Wrist Instead Of As A Pendant. Polished sterling silver. Choose your wrist band.

The Level 2 Shield is ideal if you have Moderate EMF Exposure (up to 6 hrs/day on computer, tablet or phone, WiFi at home or work) or some Energy Sensitivity (you are occasionally unpleasantly aware of other people’s negative energy.) Excellent EMF Protection. Reduces stress/fatigue. Sharpens mental skills, focus & concentration. Deflects negative energy from others, boosting your mental & emotional clarity. Read all about the Level 2 Shields



  • Your Shield comes with the wristband you choose when checking out.
  • Adult wristbands are nylon with silver finish metal.
  • ID bands for children have a place to put ID, address, phone etc, inside the band; secured with Velcro.
  • You can also use with 18mm watch bands that are fairly flat. Bands that have decorative ends normally won’t go thru the opening.
  • Shields weigh approximately 2 oz.
  • Sterling Silver

How Much Protection Do You Need?

We designed 2 quizzes to help you figure this out. When you take the free EMF Exposure Quiz or the Highly Sensitive Person Quiz you answer questions about your own EMF exposure and reaction to other people’s energy. When you complete the quiz, you will receive a protection recommendation in the form of a Level 1, 2,3 or 4 Shield. Go to the Quiz. You can also take advantage of BioElectric Shield’s free photo analysis service for a more in depth recommendation.

Additional information

Band Colour/Style:

ID Band With Velcro For Children – Blue, Black Nylon, Purple Nylon


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