Alicja Double Mermet Pendulum

$34.95 CAD

Double-Mermet pendulum is similar to the Mermet pendulum, but has two balls placed one on the top of the other. It opens from the top, has a smaller witness chamber, but is equally sensitive due to its shape.


  • Double-Mermet is an excellent pendulum for dowsers, who need a witness chamber pendulum always handy. Its small size makes it also very useful while traveling.
  • Double Mermet pendulum must be cleared not only energetically but also from physical point of view. To clear it: after taking witness off the witness chamber, take Q-tips, dip it in alcohol and wipe the chamber truly. Leave the pendulum open for alcohol to evaporate.
  • See also ‘Double Mermet G’ as an alternative.
  • Made of brass or wood.
  • Must be cleared.


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