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QuWave: USB Harmonizer

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This is a revolutionary new technology that utilizes QuWave's exclusive Scalar Wave Quantum Zero Point Energy Generator which generates Chi/Orgone Scalar Waves and transfers this energy into the equipment where it is plugged into. Thus turning a piece of equipment like a computer which is normally an EMF E-smog producer into a healthy field generator.

This is a miniature version of the QuWave Harmonizer which plugs directly into a USB port on any device. This is similar to other QuWave products, but in addition to generating a field with it's internal antenna, it also couples this energy field into the equipment where it is plugged into. Thus turning the equipment into a radiating source of stabilizing healthy energy.

Wherever you plug it into, that device will become a field generator to provide healing and calming fields:

  • Laptop Computer

  • Desktop PC

  • USB Hub/Router


  • Plasma HDTV

  • Cable Box

  • Satellite Box

  • anything with a USB port

QuWave: USB Harmonizer

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  • QuWave: USB Harmonizer
  • QuWave: USB Harmonizer
  • QuWave: USB Harmonizer
  • QuWave: USB Harmonizer
  • QuWave: USB Harmonizer


With the QuWave, most people notice amazing positive results in only hours. This is a revolutionary new technology! The more you use it, the more positive effects you will notice. 

The first thing most people notice is less headaches and less stress in their neck. You might notice small things begin to change, you get a higher clarity in your life as your body begins to reject the effects of EMF pollution and starts to "detoxify" from harmful EMFs.

In addition your whole being will be calmer since the resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world and in the rain forest. Some customers say that the experience of surfing the internet is much more enjoyable and stress-free, and they are more relaxed watching television.

EMF Dangers from Computer Equipment & Televisions:

EMF electro-smog is currently the most harmful radiation that we are all exposed to, and there is no way to get away from it as it becomes more and more obtrusive wherever we turn, especially the proliferation of Wi-Fi. 

Many of us spend our working days in front of computer monitors, surrounded by nearby electronic equipment, each item emitting radiation. Because of the duration of this exposure (many hours every day), computer radiation is a real health hazard. Laptop computers have been shown to damage the reproductive systems of people using them in their laps.

All TVs (especially the new HDTVs) radiate potentially harmful EMFs to your whole body which can give you an unhealthy "treatment" as you watch TV.  These unnatural fields disrupt your body's own normal electrical fields.

What Does the USB Harmonizer Do?

The USB Harmonizer turns your Computer or TV into a protective field generator which produces a healing Scalar Field combined with calming Schumann Resonance.

The QuWave USB model only takes power from the port where it is plugged into. It only takes very little power so it will not drain the computer's battery or effect the equipment where it is connected. It does not use the USB data lines, so it will never interfere with the operation of your equipment.

With computers and laptops it goes into the standard USB port, or into a Router or a Hub.  A blinking blue light lets you know that its working.

With Televisions, it plugs into the TV's USB port (all current generation HD TVs have a USB port). For older generation televisions, this product can be plugged into the USB port of either the Cable TV box, or the Satellite TV box (they all have a USB service port).

Triangle Healing Products' Customer Testimonal:

We purchased a QuWave device from Triangle Healing. I can't tell you how much better we both feel. 

We both felt a calmness come over us within an hour after plugging in the device. We do not have Wi-Fi in our house which may of been why we noticed so quickly. I had been suffering from achy legs every night before bed for over 6-months, having to increase my supplements until the discomfort was tolerable. Discomfort is gone and I don't have to take high doses of supplements, especially magnesium bisglycinate. I was tossing and turning all night long, sometimes with night sweats, waking up not able to get back to sleep, hadn't been able to remember any of my dreams. I am a good sleeper and now I am again as well as the dreams are back.

I can't tell you how much better we both feel. We also turn off our computers at night and I put my cellphone onto airplane mode and shut it down.

~ C. Schleuss, 2018

If you have any questions about QuWave and/or EMF Protection, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!


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