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MegaHome: Countertop Water Distiller (White Enamel w/ Glass Carafe)

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The Megahome Water Distiller is a convenient and affordable unit that creates truly clean, healthy water (up to 4 gallons per day). Using a distiller also means that you are helping the environment by keeping plastic bottles out of landfills. 

At Triangle Healing, we believe that if you are drinking anything less than purified distilled water, everything in your body is affected, and you risk aging faster with more pain. Imagine the health of a fish swimming in a bowl of dirty water, it is that easy to understand. You want your muscles, vital organs and your cells to be absorbing pure water as much as possible. 

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Enamel with Glass Carafe

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  • Enamel with Glass Carafe


Megahome's Water Distiller in Gloss White on White, and comes with a designer glass carafe.


To start a cycle, you simply push a button. When the cycle is finished, thermostatic controls automatically switch the unit off. Each cycle is approximately 4-5 hours and will produce 4 litres of distilled water.

Each unit includes a 200g container of Distiller Cleaner & Descaler and 6 Activated Charcoal Sachets.

To clean the machine after a cycle, wipe the inside of the steam chamber with a cloth and warm water. Once a month, use the Distiller Cleaner & Descaler

How Does Distilling Work?:

Water boils and creates steam which is then collected into a jar where it cools. Impurities from the water are left inside the machine. Distilled water contains no solids, minerals or trace elements, and has no taste.  Distillation removes the debris, bacteria, and other contaminants.

To find out more about distilled water, click here. If you live in Victoria B.C., learn about the contaminants in your drinking water here.


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