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Bellicon: Classic Rebounder 44": Screw-In Legs($899) or Folding Legs($1049)

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The Classic Rebounder is made of high-grade steel with a black, glossy, powder-coated finish. The frame has a lifetime warranty. The warranty on the mat is 5 years, and 1 year for the bungees. At Triangle Healing, we service what we sell on site. Hassle Free!

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A bellicon workout is like treating yourself to a full-body tune-up. It will strengthen your heart, build lung capacity and prevent your bones from losing density and becoming brittle. You’ll burn fat, increase your energy and help your body stay strong, aligned and balanced. You’ll also be helping your immune system to flush toxins, bacteria and waste. All at the same time. With the bellicon, just a few minutes a day will give your body what it needs to renew your health, fitness and peace of mind.

If you aren't sure which Bellicon is right for you or want more info?... Give us a call! We can be reached at:

Local: (1)-250-370-1818     Toll free: 1-888-370-1818

 We are happy to answer any questions/concerns you may have!

Frame Diameter: 44 inches (112cm)


  • The medium size of 32" jumping surface (white arrow) is our most popular format.
  • It features a bigger jumping mat allowing for more freedom of movement.

Folding or Screw-In Legs?

If at all possible, we recommend you give your bellicon® a permanent place at home – the more you see it, the more you’ll want to use it. For that option, the screw-in legs are perfect. In case you wish to stow your mini trampoline at any time, the screw-in legs can be removed or reattached in less than three minutes.

Of course, you may prefer an even easier option for storing your bellicon, or you may be planning to travel with it, which is why we also offer a folding-leg option. Our  folding legs are just as stable and reliable as our standard screw-in legs, but allow you to quickly and easily store your bellicon® in a closet or under a bed when it's not in use.  Models with folding legs also fit in our optional carrying case accessory, making it even easier to take your bellicon® with you.

Of course, both versions offer absolute safety during exercise.

Screw-In Legs:

= $899.00

Folding Legs:

= $1049.00 

Which Bungee is Right For You?

  • All workouts and exercises can be performed using any bungee strength.
  • In general, softer bungees provide more efficient, but also more challenging, workouts than firmer bungees when used with normal or high-energy/faster-paced workouts.
  • Firmer bungees don’t last longer than softer bungees. Bungees tend to last from 1-2 years with normal, daily use.



 This table will help you quickly determine your ideal bungee strength: 

SOFTER BOUNCE: People who primarily wish to do “Health Bouncing,” which is a less intensive, very low-stress, health and fitness boosting form of workout. When doing gentler exercises, like “Health Bouncing,” softer bungee strengths don’t make workouts more challenging, as they do with standard or faster-paced workouts. People looking for a more effective, more physically challenging workout, because high-energy exercises performed on softer bungees increases muscular and cardio engagement due to the deeper bounce. People with physical or health concerns that require extremely low-impact exercise, such as chronic knee issues, long-term back problems, etc.

OPTIMAL STRENGTH: For most people, we recommend choosing the “Optimal Strength” bungee for your weight. This will give you an ideal “not too soft, not too firm” resistance level and provide you with the best combination of benefits and applications.

FIRMER BOUNCE: People who plan on primarily doing fast-paced exercises (jogging, fast aerobics, etc.) which are easier to perform with a firmer, shallower bounce. People whose primary goal is to fight osteopenia or osteoporosis. People who have balance issues and require a more stable surface. People with chronic foot pronation.          


Bungee Colours:




Mat Trim Colours:


What If I Am Sharing My Bellicon? 

  1. If the chart shows all of the intended users can all use the same bungee strength…that’s fantastic! No adjustment necessary!
  2. If the difference is one bungee strength category, choose a bungee strength that accommodates the heaviest person: the lighter people can still get great benefits from a bungee strength that is firmer than usual, but you don’t want anyone touching the floor while they bounce. (Example: Medium + Strong = Strong)
  3. If the difference is two strength categories, choosing the strength in the middle is the best compromise. But be sure that the heaviest person doesn’t jump so high that they touch the floor. (Example: Soft + Extra Strong = Strong)
  4. If the difference is three or more strength categories, we do not recommend sharing the bellicon. There would be no way to offer each person an optimal workout experience.

If you aren't sure which Bellicon is right for you or want more info?... Give us a call! We can be reached at:

Local: (1)-250-370-1818     Toll free: 1-888-370-1818

 We are happy to answer any questions/concerns you may have!

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