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Are you tired of dealing with Chronic Pain, Pills, Creams, Surgery, Pain Killers, Injections, and more?

It's time you learned about Magentic Field Therapy and the revolutionary iMRS bed. This invisible treatment is FDA approved and used by thousands of Doctors worldwide. Developed with cutting edge pulsed electro magentic field Science, the iMRS succesfully treats chronic as well as acute health issues including broken bones, post-operative healing, depression, fatigue, swelling, back pain and more. When nothing else has worked, this unit does. 

Magnetic Fields from the Earth:

The Human Body needs a variety of things to funciton properly- clean oxygen, water, food AND access to the magentic field that surrounds our planet. There are over 45 Trillion cells in the human body, and they are constantly sending and receiving signals to eachother, creating a vast network designed to balance and restore our health and wellness. As modern civilization contiues to live indoors, using technology more and more, our connection to this field is cut off, causing confusion within the communication network of the nervous system. This has dire consequences to our health.

In Japan, Fibromylagia is actually called " Magnetic Field Defficiency Syndrome". 

How it Works:

The iMRS bed sends magentic pulses deep into the body where they penetrate in places that lotions and creams cannot reach. This works to activate nerve cells and the electrical fields surrounding them, causing the nerves to fire. This in turn activates charged ions, breaks apart restricted bloods cells and carries nutrient rich blood to places that require deep healing. The iMRS bed allows you to harvest the most powerful, healing magentic fields, and direct them exactly to the places that require them the most. 


The iMRS is portable and easy to use. To find out more, click the links below to read about which iMRS bed is best for you.


Triangle Healing rents the iMRS bed out at $500.00 per month.  A $1000.00 deposit is required upon rental, and if you decide to purchase the unit, this total amount is applied to your purchase. To find out more, please Contact Us or visit us in-store.


Triangle Healing Products is known to carry top quality alternative health products at the best price, while offering great before and after customer service. In order to make your experience with us even better, we also offer product sessions in our relaxing treatment rooms using the Bio-Mat, The Mercola Vitamin D Lamp, the iMRS and the Radiant Health Infrared Sauna.

In-store healing treatments have helped dozens of customers learn about the many benefits and features of these product first hand. Having the opportunity to use a product erases any concerns that you might have, leaving you with the knowledge you need to feel empowered when making important purchasing decisions. 

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