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Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 10:00am-5:30pm
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About Us

The Store

Triangle Healing Products is an Alternative Health Store in Victoria, BC.
Founded by Diane Regan in 1987, the store is Victoria's best-kept secret for carrying high quality and unique products, including Blendtec Blenders, Vielight, Bellicon Rebounders and much more. With our excellent selection of wellness products, we can help you purify your air and water, reconnect with Earth energies and gain practical knowledge about your health.

bbb  Triangle Healing Products is an accredited business with The Better Business Bureau- 2013/2014. Testimonials Here.

The Triangle Healing Family

A family owned and operated Business

Diane Regan | Founder, Owner

Triangle Healing Products was created by Diane Regan, an energetic and compassionate woman with more than four decades experience in the alternative health industry. Long before most people knew about alternative and preventative healthcare, Diane was testing and researching products; drinking distilled water, energizing herself with magnetic therapies, grounding herself and more. A role model and inspiration, her genuine love for learning about the most effective, leading edge products leaves people in awe time and time again. 

Diane works tirelessly at the store answering important questions, demonstrating products and as customers often put it; being an overall "powerhouse". If you want to understand something about alternative health, Diane will give you infomation that is backed by real-life experience that you can trust. And, if there's something that she doesnt know- she will find the answer for you.

At the young age of 76 yrs, Diane is the embodiment of somone who has walked a path of health and wellness over the long-term.

Lorea Regan | Manager of Operations, Sales, Bookkeeper

Lorea has been with Triangle Healing since 2000. As the business has grown over the years she has worked closely alongside Diane; earning herself the nickname "the person who knows everything". Staff and customers agree that this is what makes her a great manager and a knowledegeable sales person. 

Lorea also handles bookkeeping, which she admits is not nearly as fun as working with people. Outside of work, she likes to do organic gardening, creating beautiful greens that she uses in tasty salads and smoothies for her family.

Barrie Regan | Technician, Sales

We pride ourselves on great after care service, and Barrie is the person who fulfills that service. His extensive knowledge and experience with repairs makes him the perfect technician, and luckily for us, he also understands and values why our unique products are so important. This is why if you call with a technical question, Barrie will help you above and beyond the "nuts and bolts" of how your product works.

Barrie gets a lot of teasing because he works mostly with women, but his kind nature always keeps him smiling. Outside of work Barrie enjoys scuba diving and German sports cars. 

Stephanie Hennebury | The Whole Kit & Caboodle!

A curious mix of super pretty and a-type organized.

Nick Duncan | Sales, Shipping & Receiving

Diane's Grandson, which is obvious with his kind nature & dashing good looks ;)

Victoria Health Products Storefront
 We Welcome you to Triangle Healing Products, and thank you for your business. 

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